New This Month

We are constantly adding new tools and techniques to the site. All the new techniques will be kept on this page for 30-60 days. New techniques are also automatically added to the appropriate Age and Techniques categories.

Added January 18 – 6 New Photo Social Stories

These six new social stories teach children how to behave in situations they will face out in the community. Each story is illustrated with a photograph and includes bullet points and questions for discussion. (Elementary School)

I Know How to Greet a Friend – This social story explains how to make someone you know feel welcome.
I Cover My Mouth When I Cough – This social story teaches how to cough without spreading germs.
I Know How to Behave at the Supermarket – This social story is about remaining focused and well behaved when food shopping.
I Pay Attention When Someone is Talking – This social story covers the importance of paying attention when listening to someone else speak.
I Know How to Shake Hands – This social story discusses the proper way to shake someone’s hand.
I Know the Right Way to Ride on an Escalator – This social story covers the safe and polite rules for riding on an escalator.

Added December 8 – 10 Things to Do When You Feel Angry E-Book

10 Things to Do When You Feel Angry – This 16-page workbook is packed with information and activities to help children learn to manage angry feelings. (Middle School and High School)


Added December 1 – Everyone Has Feelings Poster

Everyone Has Feelings Poster – This “multi-age” feelings poster shows photographs of children, teens, adults, and older adults expressing their feelings. It provides a great way to give children practice in recognizing and understanding feelings in others. (Preschool, Elementary, Middle School and High School)


Added November 8 – 4 Advice From The Experts Videos

Anxiety and Shyness

Understanding the Introverted Child – Rick Edwards, LPC helps explains the key differences between introverts and extroverts, the brains role in temperament, coping strategies for social settings, things teachers should know, bridging communication gaps, and introverted childrens strengths. (Elementary School, Middle School and High School)

Bullying and Teasing

Understanding Bullying – This presentation by Efrain Gonzales, LPC, defines different types of bullying, provides an overview of the psychology of a bully, discusses warning signs that a child is being victimized, and gives kids and their parents recommendations for coping with bullying. (Elementary School, Middle School and High School)

Classroom Behavior

Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in the Classroom – Dana TillerDavis, LPC, outpatient therapist at Clarity Child Guidance Center, discusses how to help kids diagnosed with ADHD succeed in the classroom. She explains what’s going on in the ADHD brain, what ADHD behaviors look like in school, and tips for dealing with impulsivity and non-compliance in the classroom. (Elementary School and Middle School)

Self Worth and Confidence

Building Self Esteem – Learn what you can do to help your child build a positive self-esteem. Dana Tiller Davis, MA, LPC defines self-esteem, gives parents tips and explains how to use self-esteem builders. (Preschool, Elementary School and Middle School)