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Social Skills Central offers hundreds of games, stories, fact sheets, videos, cartoons, activities and more.  Here are a few samples to give you a taste of what you will find on the site.

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Here are your free samples…

Being Polite – Being polite can involve making sure that you don’t hurt people’s feelings and making sure that they feel included. This cartoon features a situation when someone might feel left out. (Middle School and High School)
How To Give A Compliment – Everyone loves to receive compliments, but knowing how and when to give a compliment can be challenging. This cartoon shows the right and wrong way to give a compliment. (Middle School and High School)
Peer Pressure – High school is a time when a lot of people will be pressured by their peers to do things they are not comfortable with. This cartoon demonstrates one way to handle peer pressure in the classroom. (Middle School and High School)

Cliques – This “Smart Minute Teen Card” is directed toward teenagers and offers information and tips on cliques and bullies. (Middle School, High School)

Don’t Get Mad Game – This game helps children think about alternatives to anger in the types of situations they face on a daily basis. Players are presented with scenarios that might frustrate them to the point of anger and are asked to explore better ways to deal with each situation. (Elementary, Middle and High School)
Ready, Set, Respond! Complete Game – Ready, Set, Respond is a game designed to help understand the different reactions we have to difficult situations and how our responses affect those around us. You can download the complete game or individual components. (Elementary School, Middle School, High School)
The Bullying Prevention Role-Play Game – This game presents problems that children commonly encounter with bullies and provides them with techniques to respond to those problems. Role-playing their responses can help children incorporate the techniques into their behavioral repertoire and prepare them to face bullies with confidence. (Elementary and Middle School)

Listening During a Conversation – This is a great exercise to teach children to take turns talking and listening during a conversation. (Middle School and High School)

Give Everyone a Chance – This rule helps children understand the give and take of a conversation. (Elementary School and Middle School)

Informational Video A simple video that outlines how to accept “no” for an answer. (Elementary School and Middle School)

I Know – This story teaches how to be a good listener in school. (Elementary School)

Everyone Loves a Compliment – Preschoolers can learn about what makes a good compliment with this fun worksheet. (Preschool)